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Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work? A Detailed Review

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work? A Detailed Review

Woman in Pink Dress With PillsLosing weight can be incredibly difficult.

For this reason, people have turned to all sorts of supplements in order to make things easier.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is one of them…. it is currently among the world’s most popular weight loss supplements.

As the name implies, this supplement is extracted from green coffee beans.

It contains a substance called Chlorogenic Acid, which is believed to be responsible for the weight loss effects.

Green coffee extract was promoted by Dr. Oz back in 2012. He is an American TV doctor and probably the most famous health “guru” in the world.

I’m a big fan of supplements in general, but I am extra skeptical when it comes to weight loss supplements because they almost never work as advertised.

This article takes a detailed look at Green Coffee Bean Extract… what it is, how it works and what the science has to say about it.

What Are Green Coffee Beans?

Green coffee beans are basically just unroasted coffee beans.

This is what they look like:

Green Coffee Beans in a Bag

Coffee beans are naturally green, but they are usually roasted before being sold to the consumer. This is the process that turns them brown.

As we know… coffee beans are loaded with antioxidants and pharmacologically active compounds. Two of the most important ones are Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid.

Chlorogenic Acid is believed to be the main active ingredient in green coffee beans. That is, the substances that produces the weight loss effects (1).

Unfortunately…. most of the chlorogenic acid is removed when coffee is roasted (2).

For this reason, regular coffee beans won’t have the same effect (although there are plenty of other good reasons to drink coffee if you enjoy it).

Bottom Line: Green coffee beans are the same as regular coffee beans, except that they haven’t been roasted yet. They are high in a substance called Chlorogenic Acid.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work… What is The Mechanism?

Attached Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee bean extract does contain some caffeine.

Several studies have shown that caffeine can boost metabolism by up to 3-11% (3, 4).

However, the main active ingredient is believed to be the chlorogenic acid.

Some human studies suggest that it can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract, which lowers blood sugar and insulin spikes (5, 6).

If this is true, then taking green coffee bean extract would be like eating a slightly lower carbohydrate diet.

Other studies (in mice and rats) have shown that chlorogenic acid can reduce body weight, reduce fat absorbed from the diet, reduce fat stored in the liver and improve the function of the fat burning hormone adiponectin (7, 8).

Chlorogenic acid has also been shown to drastically improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels in rats. These are important risk factors for heart disease (9).

Bottom Line: Green coffee has been shown to inhibit weight gain in animal studies. This may be due to decreased absorption of carbohydrates from the diet, or via some other mechanism.

What do The Human Studies Say?

Green Coffee Beans in a Bowl

There have been several human studies on Green Coffee Bean Extract.

These studies are so-called randomized controlled trials, which are the gold standard of scientific experiments in humans.

One of them included 30 overweight individuals and went on for 12 weeks.

There were two groups… one consumed regular Instant coffee, while the other consumed Instant coffee enriched with 200 mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract (10).

Neither group was instructed to change their diet or exercise habits.

This graph shows the weight changes in the two groups, from 0-12 weeks:

Green Coffee Bean Extract and Weight Loss

As you can see, the group taking the instant coffee with green coffee bean extract lost 11.9 pounds (5.4 kg), while the group taking plain instant coffee lost only 3.7 pounds (1.7 kg).

Body fat percentage also went down by 3.6% in the green coffee extract group, compared to 0.7% in the other group.

More studies

Several other studies have reported significant weight loss in people taking green coffee bean extract (11).

However, it’s important to keep in mind that some of these studies were sponsored by companies that profit from sales of green coffee beans.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the results are invalid, but it is known that the funding source of a study can have a significant effect on the outcome. For this reason, it is a good idea to be extra skeptical of industry funded research (12).

In 2011, a review of the evidence behind green coffee bean extract concluded (13):

“… the results from these trials are promising, but the studies are all of poor methodological quality. More rigorous trials are needed to assess the usefulness of GCE as a weight loss tool.”

Bottom Line: Several controlled trials in humans show that green coffee bean extract can lead to significant weight loss. However, these studies were relatively small and some of them were industry sponsored.
Does Green Coffee Extract Have Other Health Benefits?

Green Coffee Beans on a Tree

Green coffee may positively affect how our bodies absorb and use carbohydrates.

As hypothesized in the animal studies, supplementing chlorogenic acid appears to reduce glucose absorption (14).

This effect on glucose metabolism could play a protective role in diabetes management, and may also explain the effects on body weight.

Green coffee extract may also positively affect blood vessels, which has major implications for heart health.

Doses of between 140-720 mg per day have been shown to lower blood pressure in both rats and humans with high blood pressure (15, 16).

Chlorogenic acid also functions as an antioxidant (17).

Bottom Line: Green coffee bean extract may improve glucose metabolism and reduce blood pressure. This may have benefits for people who are at high risk of diabetes and heart disease.
Side effects, Dosage and How to Use it

According to the limited evidence available, green coffee bean extract appears to have a pretty good safety profile.

Woman Holding a Spoon Full of Pills

However, some participants dropped out of one study due to headache and urinary tract infection (18).

This study is too small to demonstrate that the side effects were caused by the supplement itself, it may just have been a coincidence.

Green coffee does contain caffeine, which can have numerous side effects when consumed in large amounts. This includes anxiety, jitteriness, rapid heartbeat, etc.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, then you should be careful with green coffee bean extract. The chlorogenic acid may also have a laxative effect and cause diarrhea (19).

Some people have gotten allergic reactions to green coffee beans (20, 21). If you have known allergies to coffee then definitely avoid it.

Green coffee has not been shown to be safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women and should not be consumed by children.

There is currently no study that determines an optimal dosage for green coffee bean extract. However, the studies in the article above used dosages ranging from 120-300 mg of Chlorogenic acid.

Depending on the concentration of Chlorogenic acid in your supplement, this can range from a dosage of 240-3000 mg of green coffee bean extract per day.

I recommend that you follow the dosage instructions on the bottle. A common recommendation is one serving, 30 minutes before each meal.

Take Home Message

Green coffee bean extract does appear to be useful as a weight loss aid. It may also have some benefits for glucose metabolism and blood pressure.

However… most of the studies are small, short-term and often sponsored by companies that produce or sell green coffee beans.

At the end of the day, the only thing that is proven to lead to long-term results is changing your diet.

In this regard, cutting carbs and eating more protein seem to be the most effective, as well as emphasizing real, unprocessed foods.

That being said… I suppose green coffee bean extract is worth trying out if you are curious about it.

It might have a mild effect that can last for a few weeks or months, but I wouldn’t expect anything beyond that.

Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint… and quick fixes never work in the long-term.

The Truth About Detox Diets

The Truth About Detox Diets

The Promise

They’re popular, but they aren’t proven to do what they say they’ll do: flush toxins out of your system. In fact, they may be risky and even backfire.

Still thinking about it? You should know this first.

What You Can Eat and What You Can’t

That depends on the particular detox diet you’re following. There are many of them. Some involve fasting, or just drinking liquids. Others allow some foods, like fruits and vegetables. They typically are short diets — they’re not a way of eating you can stick with in the long run.

Level of Effort: High

You’ll be hungry and may feel weak. Whether or not a detox diet is safe depends on the plan and how long you stay on it.

Most people don’t feel good on low-calorie, nutrient-poor diets. Potential side effects include low energy, low blood sugar, muscle aches, fatigue, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, and nausea.

If the idea of detoxing appeals, you might try “clean” eating that focuses on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein — basically, whole foods without a lot of processing. That’s good for you and more likely to give you results that last, especially if you make exercise a habit.

Limitations: You’re going to go without a lot of the foods you usually eat. Detox diets are typically very rigid and involve eating the same few things over and over.

Cooking and shopping: Depends on the detox plan you’re following. Because there’s not a lot you’re allowed to eat, you won’t have a long shopping list and prep work should be minimal.

Packaged foods or meals: Some detox plans recommend herbs, pills, powders, enemas, and other forms of colon cleansing. Methods vary and often include products that are only available from the author’s web site.

In-person meetings? No.

Exercise : Not required, and you may not have the energy for it, because you’re not getting that many calories.
What Else You Should Know

Costs: Besides your grocery shopping, a detox diet may also call for some supplements and other products, which vary in cost.

Support: None, except for resources you may find online.

What Dr. Michael Smith Says:

Does It Work?

If your goal is weight loss, a detox diet might help you drop a few pounds, but you’ll likely just gain it back. In the end, you haven’t accomplished anything, and it’s certainly not a healthy approach.

If your goal is to detox your system, don’t waste your time or money. Your body is an expert at getting rid of toxins no matter what you eat. Toxins don’t build up in your liver, kidneys, or any other part of your body, and you’re not going to get rid of them with the latest detox wonder. Especially avoid diets that promise to detox your liver with supplements or “cleanse” whatever the diet determines needs washing out.

The only type of detox diet that is worthwhile is one that limits processed, high-fat, and sugary foods, and replaces them with more whole foods like fruits and vegetables. That clean-eating approach is your best bet to getting your body in tip-top shape.

Is It Good for Certain Conditions?

Not only are detox diets not good for people with certain medical conditions, they could be harmful. There is no research showing they improve blood pressure or cholesterol or have a positive effect on the heart. For people with diabetes, they may be quite dangerous. Any diet that severely restricts what you eat could lead to dangerously low blood sugar if you take medicine for diabetes.

The exception would be a detox diet that just focuses on clean-eating. This approach would be great for anyone living with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even heart disease.

The Final Word

We’ve heard a great deal about detox diets in recent years. But it’s all hype with no health benefits. There are many ways to get your body clean and healthy. This isn’t one of them.

Titan Gel Review – Quality Male Enhancement Cream?

Titan Gel Review – Quality Male Enhancement Cream?

Titan Gel is a male enhancement enlargement cream that claims to help men grow their prized manly member up to 3.5cm in just two weeks. The manufacturer also claims to help men perform better in the bedroom and deliver more satisfying sexual libido and experiences.

Is Titan Gel really worth it though? Let’s discover the truth about this marketed miracle enlargement cream and see if we can recommend it vs another blood boosting alternative.

How Titan Gel Works

According to the official website, Titan Gel works by increasing blood flow to the genital region, thus increasing the size of your erection. Unlike say Viagra though, Titan Gel supposedly increases the amount of blood that enters that sacred area, instead of just enabling blood to flow there.

Using Titan Gel is as simple as well rubbing the cream on your member each day. This is enough to help it grow when its’ aroused and ready for some fun in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t give us much more to go on that that. However, it does say that its’ recommended by adult film stars, and they’re typically reliable when it comes to knowing about products like this.

Is Titan Gel Safe?

While we don’t know exactly what’s in Titan Gel, it seems likely that it’s probably safe. We’d feel more comfortable if we knew a list of ingredients and their dosages, but the manufacturer claims their product is safe and free of any potential side effects. This could be a much easier and natural solution than something like testosterone therapy might entail.

Just to be sure, it’s probably a good idea to ask your doctor and to follow the directions exactly on the label before you use this product. In addition, if you do experience any negative effects, it’s probably best to discontinue use and to figure out if Titan Gel was the cause.

How to Buy Titan Gel?

Titan Gel is available for purchase directly from its’ official website. They seem to offer pricing in various currencies, but the one page we could find pricing on listed the product for around $70 USD.

This is pretty average for a product of this nature. In fact, it’s a little bit on the cheaper side considering some creams cost well over $100+ just for a one-month’s supply.

Final Thoughts

Titan Gel doesn’t give us much to go on and the science behind these creams is typically a little questionable in nature.

More guys have seen better results using oral supplements, even supplements like Alpha Tren that simply boost your testosterone levels.

While it may not help grow your “member” so to speak,

testosterone boosters do help to enhance your libido and performance and ultimately that’s what matters – not necessarily your size.

Vmax Male Review: How Safe and Effective is this Product?

Vmax Male Review: How Safe and Effective is this Product?

What every man wants is to have super strong and durable erections and experience mind-blowing sex. But, it’s time to face the facts. As you’re getting older, you experience different sexual problems including issues with erection. Inability to achieve an erection or to retain it long enough for mutual satisfaction of you and your partner can be a tremendous source of stress and low self-esteem.
Luckily, you can tackle this problem in a natural manner with dietary supplements such as Vmax MaleEnhancement. Is it safe and effective? Does it have a potential to improve your erections? Let’s find out.
Vmax Male Enhancement Overview
Vmax Male Enhancement is a supplement created to help men solve problems with erections and improve overall sexual performance. Sadly, the official website of the product is either nonexistent or under construction which is why customers are deprived of much-needed basic information.
Furthermore, there’s absolutely no information about the manufacturer. One has no way of knowing whether the brand behind it is reputable or not. The product is available directly through the official website, but the straight purchase isn’t possible. You are obliged to order a trial version first.
Vmax Male
Working Process
Since there’s no official website, it’s impossible to get basic information about the supplement. The product works by utilizing natural ingredients in a bid to increase testosterone levels. With a higher amount of this essential hormone, men experience changes and libido and sex drive. Thanks to improved blood flow, men can achieve harder, stronger, and more durable erections.
Regular intake of Vmax Male Enhancement allows users to maximize their erections and perform better than they did before purchasing the supplement. As a result, sex life becomes more satisfying and exciting, and it’s needless to mention you can expect confidence boost at the same time.
Ingredient list
The benefits of this supplement are delivered through the natural, herbal formula that consists of compounds known and used in traditional medicine of different cultures for centuries. Ingredients in Vmax Male Enhancement are:
Horny Goat Weed – enhances libido and sex drive. The compound from this ingredient, icariin, elevates nitric oxide levels, thus improving blood flow and relaxing smooth muscle
Maca Root – one of the most common ingredients in male enhancement products. Maca is a well-known aphrodisiac which also enhances fertility. Furthermore, the ingredient boosts testosterone levels and promotes prostate health
Tongkat Ali – used as an aphrodisiac and remedy for age-related sexual disorders and symptoms of andropause. Also, it promotes sperm quality and plays a role in fertility
Red Ginseng – positive effects on erectile dysfunction
Vmax Male Enhancement Pros
A thorough analysis of the product pinpointed to the following benefits:
Improves testosterone levels
Increases blood flow
Stronger, harder, longer erections
Vmax Male Enhancement Cons
Shortcomings associated with Vmax Male Enhancement include:
Official website unavailable/nonexistent
Manufacturer unknown
Not available in retail stores
Only a few ingredients are mentioned
Ordering a free trial enrolls a customer into automatic shipment program
Special Features
One-month supply contains 60 capsules
Made in the USA
Manufactured in the FDA-approved facility
Side Effects
Thanks to natural formula, Vmax Male Enhancement doesn’t induce side effects, and it’s considered safe for general consumption.
Assuming that one bottle equals to one month supply, it’s safe to conclude one should take two capsules a day at once. Unfortunately, it’s not specified whether to take the supplement prior intercourse, on an empty stomach, after a meal and so on. This info matters a lot because it helps users get the most out of the supplement.
Can women use it?
No, Vmax Male Enhancement is created to support male sexual health.
Is it safe to take this supplement if I have diabetes?
Consult your doctor regarding the decision to buy a male enhancement product if suffering from diabetes. Even if you have some other disease or suffering from anxiety or depression, you should never purchase a product without consulting health care professional.
I’m taking medications, is it still okay for me to use this product?
A vast majority of men take at least one prescription medication to manage some illness or condition. If you belong to that group, bear in mind that some dietary supplements have the potential to undermine the effectiveness of the pills. Call or schedule an appointment to see your doctor and ask whether you can use the supplement.
Final Verdict
Vmax Male Enhancement pill offers nothing revolutionary and doesn’t really stand out from other products of this type on the market. Every customer has the right to get informed about the efficacy of the product and reliability of the manufacturer, and lack of official website prevents that. All in all, you would benefit more from finding a supplement whose website is fully functional and offers a straight purchase option at the same time. Browse through our site and read about other products we’ve evaluated for you.
Below you will find the most effective male enhancement products being sold today. The ranking is based on crucial factors including active ingredients, benefits offered, affordability and how fast the effects are. Of course, we carefully researched the science behind each product making sure that it is clinically proven to be effective and safe. Ultimately, we were able to determine the overall value of each male enhancement product allowing us to rank them.

Vividermix – Healthy Stem Cell Skincare Creams & Products?

Vividermix – Healthy Stem Cell Skincare Creams & Products?

Taking care of your skin should be a priority, especially as you grow older. Your skin is one of the most important and vital organs of your body and as you age, it starts to develop fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and the like. As a whole, the aging process can be brutal if you do not incorporate the right skin care products into your daily routine. You need a special set of cosmetics that work to repair your skin, while also preventing the further development of aging.

One brand that is revolutionizing the way that women address their anti-aging concerns is VividermiX. This brand features a line of four products that are part of a comprehensive skin care routine. Here is everything you need to know about the brand so that you can make the right decision for your skin care needs.

What is VividermiX?

VividermiX is an anti-aging skincare and cosmetics brand that features high-performance anti-oxidants in their products. With this brand’s line of products, you can transform your skin from dull to radiant, smooth, and clear from blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles. Currently, the brand offers four major ingredients that this review will cover. The main products include:

VividermiX Stemcell Activ Moisturizer
VividermiX Instant Lifting Serum
VividermiX Advanced Eye Treatment
VividermiX Brightening Formula
By incorporating each of these products into your beauty routine, you attain beautiful and ageless skin in a short period of time. Moreover, each formula features safe and high-quality ingredients.

A Single Skin Care Regimen

While the brand features four main products, it is important to note that the products are meant to be used together in daily skin care routine. Each product has a purpose and is designed to take care of a specific part of your skin. By using the products on a daily basis and correctly, you can optimize your skin care regimen and experience greater results sooner.

The Benefits of Choosing VividermiX

When choosing a skin care regimen, it is important to consider the benefits of the specific product line. In this case, there are many advantages to be had by incorporating VividermiX into your daily skin care routine instead of other products on the market. For example:

More than Just Anti-Aging

First, the line of high-performance products is more than just a set designed to provide you with anti-aging qualities. The products are meant to restore your skin to its youthful appearance, while also eliminating blemishes, irritation, under-eye circles, and dryness. The moisturizing and restorative qualities leave your skin in optimal condition.

Made in the USA

Second, the line of products is made in the United States in a GMP Standard and FDA approved manufacturing facility. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and it ensures that the production process features strict oversight. With oversight over every part of the production process, you can feel confident that the products are safe and work well to meet your needs.

All-Natural Ingredients

Finally, the formula is made with all-natural and high-performance ingredients. There are no fillers, additives, chemicals, low-quality substances, or other compounds that can detract from the quality of the product or your overall appearance. By opting for a natural formula, you know you are making the right decision.

As you can tell, there are many great reasons for choosing VividermiX. Now that you know about the benefits of the brand, here is an overview of the skin care products available and a bit about each product so that you know your options:

VividermiX Product Line

There are four products available through the brand’s product line, which are as follows:

Stemcell Activ Moisturizer by VividermiX is an anti-aging formula that features a unique blend of active peptides and proteins. Once applied to your skin, it promotes the production of collagen and elastin. The higher collagen and elastin levels support a firmer, smoother, and wrinkle-free skin surface.

Aside from clearing away the fine lines and wrinkles, the formula also functions as a moisturizer that works for hours on end to hydrate and lock-in the hydration levels. With a hydrated and moist skin surface, your skin will appear firmer and suppler. The product works well throughout your entire skin surface.

Instant Lifting Serum

Unlike Stemcell Activ Moisturizer, the Instant Lifting Serum by VividermiX is formulated with plant extracts and compounds known as tripeptides. When you apply this serum to your skin, it changes its density and tautness, enabling it to appear firmer throughout. As the brand explains, to experience the full benefit of this product, it is necessary to combine it with its Dream Cream. As a whole, you’ll develop a noticeably smoother and firmer complexion.

Also, he Instant Lifting Serum’s qualities last for as long as you continue to apply the product. For that reason, it is necessary to maintain your regular regimen.

Advanced Eye Treatment

The Advanced Eye Treatment by VividermiX is a unique and powerful formula that features an array of active peptides that work to treat the skin specifically around your eyes and in doing so, your eyes will develop an alert, refreshed, and awake appearance.

Another great quality to this formula is that when applied to your skin, it causes an invigorating and cooling effect. This way, you are about to feel refreshed.

Brightening Formula

The final piece to the brand’s anti-aging regimen is its Brightening Formula. The brightening formula features a fusion of plant, herbs, and fruit extracts. When applied to your skin, it eliminates sun damage and enhances your skins brightness.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing VividermiX products, then simply visit the brand’s website today. You’ll find that you can purchase each product individually and incorporate it into your daily skin care routine. Also, every product is fairly priced so that you do not need to worry about spending an exorbitant amount of money.

Vividermix Review Summary

Overall, if you are looking to seriously improve your skin and to finally maintain a youthful and ageless appearance, then visit the VividermiX website today. The products work well for women who need a comprehensive skin care regimen.

Apexatropin Review

Apexatropin Review

Apexatropin Review

Apexatropin :- “Women wish their partner to have a slightly larger size” According to a new study.

Short, flaccid looking and lifeless. This is not a description of an old man, this is my penis I am talking about and after reading above study I have to do something for it. My dick is not the same as it used to be.

While watching an adult video, I have come across the supplement named Apexatropin which claims to give any man super-size cock. Reading this made me click the order button. It has been some time I have been using it.

If you are curious to know does it really increases the size of your penis? To know this and other related questions, continue reading my review about this supplement.

Apexatropin Order Now

What Apexatropin is all about?

Is your size enough to satisfy her? You do know her G-spot is not easy to find, it takes a good length to reach up there. If your size is average or worst small, then after a period of time, she might start getting irritated because you are not measuring up to her fantasies.

Is there anything which can be done for larger-than-average erect penis size? Fret not as long as Apexatropin is there to help us.

It is male enhancement supplement designed specifically to increase the size of your penis. This supplement not just increases size, it also hardens your penis when erected and flaccid. It adds girth and strength and provides an edge to your smaller or average penis size thus gives you a more macho personality.

Each of the ingredients in it works towards improving your sex life to get more intense and hot. It does so by increasing your sex drive or libido in you to get easily aroused by your partner. Its proprietary formula also helps to treat erectile dysfunction and penis curvature or pre-ejaculation. This way, you can control when to finish.

At some point of life, we men start getting tired easily. Now because of fatigue taking over our mind and body, we start saying no to sex or even if we do, we do it for the heck of it. All this leads to the frustration in the women’s mind as you are not able to satisfy her in the bed. This supplement is very much capable of helping you in this matter amongst other.

It helps in improving your sexual stamina so that you won’t get tired after your ejaculation period. It also reduces the refractory period meaning you can experience multiple orgasms at one go.

Apexatropin Ingredients

What does it have?

Apexatropin contains a unique blend of natural ingredients

Tongkat Ali: – This herb is very effective in enhancing the size of your sex organs. It does by improving the libido in you. The increase in sexual desire in your body automatically signals your brain to give you the erection. It also increases sperm count and gives a volume to it too. This herbal Viagra is also a potent aphrodisiac root, meaning it can provide you with a burst of energy which you will need when you are in bed. It stimulates Leydig cells in your penis which can trigger penis growth.
Maca: –Traditionally it is used as a libido enhancer. It does so by restoring the balance of testosterone in your body and increases the blood flow. It contains the range of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals which provide intense energy in you. It boosts sex drive in you which can help in holding it for a longer period of time.
L-arginine: – Nitric oxide is an important compound that helps in proper blood circulation. This ingredient increases nitric oxide, meaning not just sufficient blood flow but better erection too. It dilates blood vessels in your penis thus, helping you to enlarge it in its full capacity.
Ginseng blend: – It is consumed traditionally as a libido enhancer. It contains phytoestrogens which stimulate the pituitary gland to release gonadotropins which help in adding inches to your penis size. It increases micro blood circulation which also stimulates your sex organ. 
And how does it work? 

This supplement works on the basis of the nitric oxide. Nitric oxide will ensure proper blood flow and there it helps to transfer above written ingredients into the blood from there it passes on to the two chambers. The two chambers of the penis which are cavernous and corpus spongiosum determine your penis size. So, when it gets enough blood supply flow, signals your brain to cause you an erection. Result? Harder erection and will increase your capability to hold your penis for a longer period of time.

How will this help me?

The key ingredients in this supplement are tested to trigger blood flow into the two chambers of the penis. When that happens, your penis will automatically be filled with the enough rush to give you the longer erection, over time help you to enhance the size of your penis. That time your brain uses to get back in the state of arousal, called refractory period, will be shortened as it helps to boosts nitric oxide reservoirs which gives the signal to your brain to get over fatigue.

What changes will I see after consuming Apexatropin?

Who doesn’t wish to have a large erected penis? Apexatropin because of its proprietary formula is capable of enhancing the size of your penis no matter how small it is.

It boosts confidence in you which make you feel ever ready in initiating a step towards your partner.

Do you know how you used to get envy when you see an adult star on screen thumping her continuously without getting tired? Now you get that too. The increase in sexual stamina in you will make you go back to her again and again. You don’t need to face her “done too soon” expression because of your pre-ejaculation problem, because after taking this, you can go for hours without spilling out. This supplement helps to calm your mind so you can control when to ejaculate.

All this won’t take months to show, you will be amazed to see results within weeks of consuming this supplement.

Working of Apexatropin

Suggested dosage of Apexatropin

As directed on the label, one needs to consume one pill in the morning and one at night. One should continue this routine for 90 days to see desirable results.

Who is behind Apexatropin?

The chemists in the Xhealth lab and the team of health experts have combined a perfect synergistic formula which is tested to provide results when it comes to the increasing the size of the penis. Manufacturers have only used clinically proved ingredients while formulating Apexatropin.

Any precautionary measure do I need to keep in mind? 

From above, you know Apexatropin works but keeping following measures in mind will help you in a long way.

Overdosing of this supplement is strictly prohibited
It is meant to be consumed by adults so keep it away from minors
Store it in a dark cabinet to prevent contamination of ingredient
My personal experience 

From the introduction, you might have guessed that I need something to enhance the size of my penis. I am amazed by the result I have seen in myself. Earlier I used to feel embarrassed when I wasn’t able to get it up in front of my girlfriend.

But now, I have no problem in getting it up. She earlier didn’t even felt I am in her because of my limp penis. Apexatropin has provided me strength. So now when I bang on her she loves my continuous pounding because it is strong and hard.

Testimonial of Apexatropin

Few are the experiences my friends shared with me after I recommended them to consume this supplement

Mark, 32 “Wow that’s huge” yeah that was my girlfriend reaction when she holds it in her hands. The energy this supplement gives me is amazing as getting it up and controlling is no longer a problem for me. It is a real deal.
Peter, 30 if you are still settling for average, then you don’t have to anymore. Apexatropin works amazingly in giving you huge penis size. With the better sex drive in me, I can bang her hard with my long and thick penis.
Apexatropin Try Now

Is it recommended?

Yes, indeed it is.

The supplement which contains only natural ingredients and yet gives results when it comes to increasing the size of our penis, it’s hard not to recommend this kind of supplement in the market.

You have read my experience and what others have been experiencing after consuming this supplement and trust me this really works. Within few weeks of consuming it, you will experience how easily it will be for you to get it up and added bonus when your partner can’t keep her hands off you.

About safety aspect?

Apexatropin contains only natural ingredients which are clinically tested. Thus, assuming us that it won’t cause us any long term problems. I have been on this supplement for last two months and it hasn’t caused me any major side effect.

From Where to get?

You won’t get this male enhancement supplement anywhere in a retail store, It is only available from their official website. To make a purchase of Apexatropin, visit the official website by clicking the link below.

# there is more, if you didn’t see the difference after consuming these pills for 90 days, you can ask for a refund from the manufacturers.

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Paravex Review

Paravex Review
Paravex Reviews

Paravex Male Enhancement – Herbal Ingredients That Work?

The Paravex Male Enhancement Formula is a supplement that will help you to improve your sex life, performance, and natural blood flow. Choose to participate in the trial offer to see how effective the formula is before making a purchase.

What is the Paravex Male Enhancement Formula?

Once you reach your 40s, the amount of testosterone in your body starts to plummet, leaving you with a range of negative reactions in your body. Your muscle tone becomes weaker, as stored fat becomes more apparent. You may even form wrinkles. Unfortunately, the worse part of this depletion is the way your sexual organs function. It’s common for consumers at this age to start having a hard time getting an erection as quickly as before.

If you want to reclaim your libido and life, then ingredients inside the Paravex Male Enhancement Formula might be the solution to your fading sexual drive and desire.

The Paravex Male Enhancement Formula has a special blend of a few ingredients to help you get the energy and stimulation you need to get you in the mood. Your sex life can suffer dramatically without the right type of help.

If you are consistent with the doses in this formula, you can experience:

Better performance in the bedroom
Stronger and heartier erections
Better stamina
Most men rely on prescription medications from their doctor to help them reach the erection they desire. However, there are some men that don’t seek help at all, succumbing to the sexless life they think they must lead out of embarrassment. You don’t need to be embarrassed by the natural effect of your hormone loss. Instead, you can gather your confidence as you use Paravex to give you harder erections and to give your partner the time of her life when the lights go out.

How Does the Paravex Formula Work?

Most erectile dysfunction medications and supplements are filled with complicated and unnecessary ingredients. However, the Paravex Male Enhancement includes just two ingredients to make it potent, which are Horny Goat Weed and Tongkat Ali. These two ingredients are well-known for the impact that they can make on your sex life, but in different ways.

Horny Goat Weed is an herb, which has about 15 different species in medicines from China. It’s used for several reasons, but the purpose of it being in Paravex is to help with your blood flow. It helps to prevent the release of enzymes that can prevent your circulatory system from working properly. You can also improve your libido and eliminate fatigue with this ingredient.

Tongkat Ali functions primarily as an aphrodisiac, helping you to feel aroused whenever you want. It also is incredibly helpful in staving off the effects of andropause, which is basically the male version of menopause as your testosterone depletes. By combining arousal with improved blood flow, your body has everything it needs to create an erection.

Using Paravex Male Enhancement

Taking the Paravex capsules doesn’t require much change in your routine. You will need to take a capsule each morning and evening, but the company urges you to maintain a regular diet and exercise routine. It’s not required to have an effective experience with Paravex, but healthy habits will ensure that you are well enough to participate in sexual activities.

Pricing for the Paravex Male Enhancement Formula

You don’t need to make any major purchase initially to use the Paravex supplement. Instead, after you cover the $4.95 shipping fee, you will be sent a 30-day supply of the formula for you to try out. The trial lasts for 14 days, during which time you should follow the typical instructions for use.

At the end of the two-week trial, if you haven’t cancelled the trial, you will be billed for the full amount of the supply you received, which is $93.95. Then, you will be entered into a subscription, which sends you a new bottle of the supplement every 30 days at the same price.

This subscription can be cancelled at any time with a quick call to the customer service team.

Contacting Paravex

Even though the website provides you with plenty of information about the Paravex formula, you may find yourself with another question or two that you would like answered. That’s why the customer care team is available over a phone call or email.

To reach someone quickly, you can call 1-844-965-7496 to speak with someone. The department is open on weekdays from 8:00am to 12:00am EST, and on weekends from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST. If your question doesn’t need to be answered immediately, you can get a later response by sending a message to support@penetrexmale.com.


The Paravex Male Enhancement supplement is all about helping you reclaim your sex life that you got to enjoy when you were younger. You don’t have to eliminate sex from your desires as you age; you simply have to modify your lifestyle to fit your carnal needs. With Paravex, you have all you need to go from limp to stiff, without any other medication.

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Zyntix Review

Zyntix – Powerfully Proven Male Enhancement Ingredients?

Zyntix – Powerfully Proven Male Enhancement Ingredients?
Zyntix – Powerfully Proven Male Enhancement Ingredients?
Zyntix Male Enhancement is a supplement that increases your sex drive and ability to perform in the bedroom. You will be able to test out the product in a trial offer to determine if it’s the best choice for your erectile dysfunction.

What is Zyntix Male Enhancement?

Getting older is not easy, and there are many changes you need to adjust to. As a man, having a few wrinkles on your face can make you look distinguished, but the real damage to your confidence is the lack of sexual performance. Your aging body makes it difficult to maintain an erection or even become aroused, which can be hard on your relationship and dating life. If you want to revive the life of your libido, Zyntix Male Enhancer can help.

Zyntix is the latest addition to the male enhancement industry, making big promises about the way that it can impact your erection. It helps with your performance, stamina, and ability to control your ejaculations. If you keep up with the regimen for the next few weeks, you can:

Increase blood flow
Improve the length and hardness of your erection
Increase your fertility
Improve testosterone production
Increase your self-confidence
Some people try to win their battle with erectile dysfunction by medicating with formulas like , but there are many side effects that come with these types of medications. The best way to improve the state of your sex life is with the safe and natural ingredients that are in Zyntix.

How Does Zyntix Male Enhancement Work?

As with all male enhancement formulas, Zyntix is only as good as the ingredients involved in it. Each ingredient helps you to improve the quality of your erections, and supports the blood flow necessary to maintain it.

Those ingredients include:

Lepidum Meyenii
Polypodium Vulgare
Tongkat Ali
Panax Ginseng
Mucuna Gigantea
Read on below to find out more about ingredients that make a huge impact on your sex life.


L-Arginine is an amino acid that helps you to produce the nitric oxide you need to improve blood flow. The proper blood flow is required to be able to hold an erection and maintain arousal. It also helps to increase your sex drive and improve your virility.


Epimedium also helps to improve your blood circulation, specifically in your genitals. It helps to improve both the length and girth of your manhood, making each sexual activity more pleasurable than the last.

Lepidum Meyenii

Lepidum Meyenii is a lesser-known ingredient, helping you to improve your cognitive abilities. However, when used in this type of formula, it provides support for your stamina and energy levels.

Polypodium Vulgare

There is limited information available about Polypodium Vulgare. However, regular consumption of this formula can help you improve your sexual health.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali specifically is meant to stimulate the production of testosterone in your body. This change can improve your sex drive, eliminate the worry of premature ejaculation, and intensify your bedroom performance.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is used in many different formulas, helping to improve the state of your libido to make it easier to become aroused. This substance has the power to improve your sperm count and the speed at which they move.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is used to improve the state of your sex life. However, it is frequently found in male enhancement supplements to improve your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Mucuna Gigantea

Mucuna Gigantea is meant to give you long-lasting stamina, while increasing each party’s pleasure with your heightened sex drive. It also helps the sperm to move quickly, increasing your likelihood of conception.

Using Zyntix Male Enhancement

The website doesn’t tell you exactly how to take the formula, but the 60-capsule bottle is meant to last through an entire month, meaning that you only need two capsules a day.

The two capsules are not taken at the same time. You will need to consume one capsule after breakfast, and the other should be swallowed after dinner. You should include a glass of water to make it easier to digest the supplement, absorbing it into your digestive system to distribute the nutrients throughout your body.

To get the best results, you should consume the formula for about 90 days for lasting effects.

Maintaining Quality

If you want the Zyntix formula to maintain the same level of efficacy, you need to store it proper by storing it out of direct sunlight, and keeping moisture away.

Pricing for Zyntix Male Enhancement

Even with the amazing performance that is promised through Zyntix Male Enhancement, you may still feel reserved about the changes it can make in your body. To give yourself the opportunity to see how well the formula works for your condition, you can use a trial offer.

The trial lasts for a couple of weeks, requiring only that you cover the $4.97 fee for shipping the formula. You will receive a 30-day supply of the formula, even though the trial period is much smaller. If you want to avoid additional charges, you will need to cancel the program before the trial has ended.

If you don’t cancel the trial, you will be charged for the supply of Zyntix that you’ve been using. You will also start your membership in an automatic subscription, which will bill you the same amount each month to receive this formula on a regular basis. You can cancel during any month to stop the payments from coming out.

The only way you can purchase the Zyntix Male Enhancement formula is through the purchase on their website. There are no stores that carry this supplement right now, and there is no indication that this decision will be changed in the future.

Zyntix Male Enhancement supplies the ingredients that you need to improve your sexual performance. Whether you struggle with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or just a low libido, you get the support you need from the nutrients in every capsule. If you’re ready to revive your love life, Zyntix Male Enhancement can be what saves it.

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Endovex Review:

Endovex Review: How Safe and Effective is this Product?
Endovex is natural revolutionary male enhancements supplement that offers a remedy to men’s sexual health related issues. It is formulated with testosterone that improves sex drive. It helps to increase energy, stamina and boost sex drive in men who may be suffering from the natural effects of reduced testosterone levels. It helps you improve your overall sexual health and perform well in the bedroom.
Manufacturer Information and Claims about Endovex
Endovex is manufactured and produced in a good manufacturing process certified facility. This guarantees its safety and effectiveness. There are also several claims by the manufacturer concerning the benefits of this supplement. The manufacturer claims that Endovex helps to increase the size of your penis as well as help you attain maximum sexual benefit. That it gives you that extra kick starts to your sex life especially when you feel the lack of sexual power and virility in the bedroom. Endovex helps to streamline energy and mating affairs in a man’s life.
Endovex Ingredients List
Endovex is formulated with all natural ingredients. These ingredients are very effective and work in many different ways to stimulate the desire for sex in male body. Some of the main ingredients include:
Tribulus Terrestris: this is very common and found in most of male health supplements. It helps to increase the production of testosterone and providing better energy levels and stronger libido.
Maca Root: this is a reliable and effective ingredient that offers a wide range of benefits. The ingredient works by helping you have a healthy sex life by preventing early ejaculation and enhancing your energy levels.
Asian Ginseng: this ingredient helps to boost sexual performance. It works by reducing stress and allowing you to feel relaxed and comfortable during intercourse. Asian Ginseng helps to prevent fatigue and mood swings.
Tongkat Ali: this is the most preferred ingredient health supplement due to its ability to boost energy in men. The ingredient works by improving the sperm quality, enlarges your penis, help reduce weight and boost sex drive.
The Advantages of Endovex
No prescription is required.
It is available under the terms of a free trial.
It works to improve your sexual performance
It helps in improved sexual execution.
It improves erectile capacity.
Offer s harder and greater erections.
It offers enhanced excitement
Leads to enhanced testosterone.
The Cons of Endovex
It is not available on retail stores in the market.
There is minimum manufacturer’s information.
It can only be purchased online through some selected websites
Has inadequate ingredients profile.
Endovex FAQs
Is There Any Dosage Instruction To Follow While Taking Supplement?
Yes; you are advised to take it continuously for 90 days along with a well-balanced diet. A single pack contains 30 capsules. Take with warm water every day for 30days. If you are having any health complications, then consult with your doctor or health specialist before taking it.
Endovex Possible Side Effects
This supplement is a blend of reliable and effective natural ingredients. It is safe and free from any harmful binders and artificial fillers. Moreover all these ingredients are meticulously examined by doctors in view of your health. It is safe for use with no side effects.
Should You Buy this Product?
Endovex contains highly effective ingredients that deliver what the manufacturers claims, and it has no side effects. We recommend you buy it.
Final Verdict
Are you a man and looking for an edge while you are on the bed with your woman? Then you are at the right place. Endovex promises to offer you more than just a solution to your sexual problems. It is formulated to address all concerns regarding a satisfying relationship with your partner. This supplement offers to support a healthy sex drive, performance with extreme pleasure.
Below you will find the most effective male enhancement products being sold today. The ranking is based on crucial factors including active ingredients, benefits offered, affordability and how fast the effects are. Of course, we carefully researched the science behind each product making sure that it is clinically proven to be effective and safe. Ultimately, we were able to determine the overall value of each male enhancement product allowing us to rank them.

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